Cloud-Based Business Management Software

Cloud-Based Business Management Software

BlueCamroo is a unique, fully-integrated Business Management Software built for small-and-medium sized businesses across the globe. Rather than focusing on one specific feature, BlueCamroo has been architected from the ground up with the needs of the whole business in mind, somewhat like an ERP for SMBs, but actually affordable. It is available in English, French and Spanish individually selected by each user.

All of the BlueCamroo extensions are fully-integrated, and not just independent modules. Users can be given access to multiple extensions depending on their roles. This allows you to mix-and-match roles, and only pay for what your business (and each individual user) needs, without bloating your bill.

Amplify Your Sales Opportunities

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  • Track & nurture leads through the CRM
  • Create & send sales quotations & estimates
  • Forecast Revenue & expenses
  • Manage individual contacts
  • Manage companies & vendors
  • Create sales teams & user roles

Transform Your Project Management

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  • Create reusable project templates
  • Manage & create Stages and Tasks
  • Create Task & Stage dependencies
  • Manage team resources & availability
  • Log billable & non-billable hours
  • Create invoices & receive payments
  • Generate timelines & visual roadmaps
  • Automate client approvals & sign-offs
  • Manage & share project documents

Improve Your Profitability

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  • Create & manage project budgets
  • Compare budgets to actual costs
  • Assign time to Tasks & Projects
  • Forecast revenue & expenses
  • Create & send sales quotes & project amendments
  • Convert project time to invoices
  • Notify team members of project work

Expand your Collaboration

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  • Share status updates
  • Post comments
  • Create follow-up tasks
  • Set meetings
  • Coordinate tasks & project activity
  • Share documents
  • Retain client emails in client account

Elevate Your Customer Support

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  • Create & track support tickets
  • Automatically generate tickets from emails
  • Configure a Support Knowledge Base
  • Automatically escalate support as needed
  • Include clients in project updates

Integrate With Top Online Vendors

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  • Create and manage project budgets
  • Compare budgets to actual costs
  • Integrate into Gmail and Outlook
  • Share files through and Google Drive
  • Share information with your HubSpot
  • Connect with Xero and Quickbooks
  • Connect with Payment Processors
  • And more...

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